We do not like to brag about ourselves, so we let our creation talk about us. It all started from our college fest. We used to “EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT”. Studies in college seemed to be an unnecessary distraction for us. So, we were chosen for a greater deed!One of our seniors burdened us with creating something interesting for the college fest. Being engineers of this century, we took refuge in our CPU-controlled gadget (personal computer, to be precise), made some whacky art, wherein off-beat and hip-hop was our primary focus. The ‘bizarre’ designs we created were hysterically popular and were loved by the students and our seniors alike. This was a stepping stone towards our self ‘enlightenment’, that we actually could do something unique.

Soon enough, we realized that our countrymen have a tendency to get hooked with stuff which is both visually captivating and wittily tickling. However, we thought of giving it a different flavor, in ourown way (although it was one crap idea).

An apprehensive mind can make you do unbelievably stupid things. So, we found a vendor at CP and the next thing we know, we sold 700 posters in 12 days and sponsored some of the best colleges in the capital city. We were on a roll baby!



Our core idea hovers around playing with popular (or highly unpopular) one-liners. Words are fine, but imagery plays a vital role in capturing a human mind’s attention. We love to get that with mind-churning and eye-popping designs! Well, being unique is too common these days, we have moved beyond that and so have our posters.



Who are we? "ENGINEERS."What do we do? "EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT."Yes! We were one of those too but time makes the difference and so it does for us. The hunger and greed to amaze you all hasmade us have better and direct interaction with you guys here!